Mani Cudjoe
Operations Director

Mani is a committed Christian who loves to share the compassionate love of Jesus through social action and community engagement.

Mani has previously worked for over 10 years within the IT sector before transitioning full time into Public Health. As an IT consultant he worked for organisations such as Microsoft and LuxTech and volunteered for several charities whilst studying for a master’s in public health.

He has been involved with several non-profit organisations including the British Red Cross, MS Society, Alzheimer’s Research UK, Action on Hearing Loss, International Communities Organisation, as well as several church plants.

He currently works for a Homeless Charity, where he combines his Public Health passion with his technical expertise to tackle homelessness in the streets of London.

Mani's biggest passion is working for the Lord.

Emefa Sassel
Befriending Manager

Emefa has a passion and a heart for people; she loves to help those in need and empower those around her with the knowledge and skillset to be the best they can be; to bring them to a place where they can find focus, peace and achieve a purpose-driven life in a world in constant flux.

Emefa's career has been incredibly eclectic. A mosaic of experience and expertise spanning industries including luxury retail, legal, professional services and health and social care. Of course, at the heart of any industry is its core - people.  Emefa started her career in the Employee Benefits industry bringing well-being advice and training to her clients on how to manage stress, managing change while building resilience, lessening the impact of stressors on work and home life.

As Counselling Services Manager then Senior Account Manager, she managed services to the Primary Healthcare sector and private businesses across the UK and internationally. Emefa has a wealth of experience in managing the provision of psychological therapies, physical and emotional wellbeing, legal and debt management advice, medico-legal reporting and assessments for employees and their family members.  Emefa has recruited and worked with a variety of counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists, legal advisors and debt helplines.

Emefa is a trained carer as well as a Mental Health First Aider; providing a patient listening ear, advice and signposting to those in need. Emefa has completed fundraising for helpline charities for the elderly, has mentored youths at risk of offending, is a prison ministries volunteer and is also a committee member helping to promote the benefits of multicultural diversity at work, underpinned by the knowledge that we are all created equal before God, but are different. To use those differences to be progressive and not divisive.

Kemi Bamishaye

Kemi is passionate about supporting and serving others. She enjoys working on projects which can improve a persons’ life over a period of time. She enjoys supporting those in need by empowering those around her with the knowledge and skillset to become the best they can be.

Working within the educational sector for more that 13 years has enabled her to have a clear understanding of the emotional needs of young people as well as members of their family members.

The core of Kemi’s career has been working with others to resolve issues and reflecting on the best positions to take in the future. Kemi begun her career in the financial industry supporting businesses to prepare for reporting and ultimately managing budgets to ensure financial stability.

Kemi is a firm believer of empowering others in order for them to become self- sufficient. Watching others transition into a more stable position in various aspects of their lives is extremely rewarding.

Elvira Cabral
Recruitment and Training Coordinator

Elvira is committed Christian, who is passionate about sharing the love of God in practical ways and has made it her mission to share the joy and peace which she has found in Jesus, with others.

Prior to joining The Careline, Elvira completed a double honours degree in Health Promotion and Health Services Management. She has been involved in various non-profit projects in the UK, USA and Asia. Her recent trip to India involved working with locals to explore ways to conduct effective development practices.

She has extensive knowledge on social justice, equity, equality, homelessness, health and wellbeing and has developed and coordinated programmes that focus on tackling the issues listed above.

Elvira has worked collaboratively with major organisations including; British Red Cross,  ADRA (Adventist Development Relief Agency) and various other charitable organisations.

A firm believer in making the lives of others a little more bearable. From a warm simple smile to a whisper of prayer or encouraging word, Elvira believes that no one should suffer in silence as there is no situation God cannot handle.