About Us

The Careline is a rapidly growing non-profit Christian organisation with a deep sense of compassion and care for all people regardless of their background or faith.

Created in 2020 by a group of Christian friends, The Careline works with specially trained and vetted volunteers, to identify and support the most vulnerable members of local communities across the UK.

The support available are meticulously developed with community residents, leaders, and other organisations to meet the unique needs of each neighbourhood. By working in close partnership with the community, the right needs are identified, and the right care provided.

Support services are led by local coordinators and may include befriending projects and online support groups to tackle loneliness, technical support to help you access online resources and connect with loved ones, help at home with shopping or gardening, or one-to-one support for people experiencing homelessness.

Helpline - 0300 772 7756


History of The Careline


A group of Christian friends came together one day to ponder over how they could put their faith into action in practical ways, and there the seeds of the new Careline organisation was planted.

They all grew up in the church, and whilst their faith didn't waiver, they had yearning to do more with their lives, and the lives of those around them.  They saw churches and other religious entities acting as safe spaces for different sections of society but felt more could be done for the rest of the community.  

For the friends, an important part of being a Christian is to be inclusive, and serve the wider community - regardless of background or faith.  They shared a desire to be outward-facing, to support and care for the vulnerable, whilst tackling inequality and injustices.

In July 2020, Christian Response Careline was registered as a Community Interest Company, (known simply as The Careline) a non-profit that empowers local communities to join forces with the newly structured and well-supported volunteering programmes at the organisation. 

Jeremy says, “The Careline is about creating strong resilient communities in the areas where we live. Doing this work helps us all to reach our potential.”

The Careline now support hundreds of people each year with the help of an army of trained volunteers.

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