What We Do

Knowing that someone out there cares enough to want to offer help and support can be very reassuring, especially during a lockdown.

If you find yourself lonely, isolated, helpless or in need of urgent practical support, just know there are people who care enough to want to help. Just 0208 0548744 where support can immediately be arranged.

Our trained, friendly, and DBS vetted volunteers are on standby to offer practical help to anyone who needs it.

We support the community by providing a wide range of practical support including:

  • Telephone Befriending
  • Online Support Groups
  • Running errands, like
    • picking up shopping
    • picking up medication
    • picking up laundry
  • Technical Support, like
    • help connecting to Internet
    • help choosing and buying technology - laptop, tablet or mobile 
    • help learning and using Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime, Teams
  • Online shopping
  • Home visits just to say hello
  • Domestic cleaning
  • Assembling furniture
  • Escort a disabled person to hospital, doctors, hair salons 

Our services are varied and numerous depending on availability of volunteers.

With the public's generous donations we are able to respond quickly to those in need, and grow our services to reach even more communities.

Helpline - 0300 772 7756

Due to Covid-19 social distancing, and government guidelines, some services may not be possible. However, we will do our utmost best to help.